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CADA Board Member, Brenda-June (Beejay) Millett

Feb 05, 2009

Brenda-June Millett is CADA’s youngest board member, she is 23 years old. She has been with CADA since 2007.


Brenda-June, or Beejay as she prefers to be called, has so far led a life full of volunteerism, she was firstly a St. Johns Cadet and then for 4 years she was a Candy Striper with the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda, working her way up to the esteemed position of Head Candy Striper.


She enjoys working with people especially children. As a CADA board member she has helped run our annual Cup Match Campaigns by giving out hundreds of specially labeled bottles of water at Cup Match reminding the public of the dangers of drinking and driving and reminding the public to Always use Bus, Cab or Designated driver.


She has also gone across the island to many schools, to talk to young people about the especially harmful effects of alcohol upon young people and about making healthy life decisions to ensure successful lives. So far she has been to: Dellwood middle school, West Pembroke primary, Paget primary, Heron bay primary, Victor Scott primary, Bermuda High School, Berkley and Cedarbridge.


She has also talked at several health fairs where CADA has held its Interactive Educational Booth, advising the people of Bermuda about the effects of alcohol and encouraging responsible alcohol behavior.  


As the youngster of the board, she helps CADA to see “all the sides of the cube” when we do things in and around our community. 



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