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Mar 29, 2007

CADA has been in existence since 1974, having been founded by two gentlemen from Alcoholics Anonymous who wanted to be able to speak outside of their anonymity on the issues regarding alcohol and the struggles that families have in this regard as well as the overall impact of alcohol abuse on the community. CADA is a registered charity, charity # 102. It was first known as the Council on Alcohol, and then broadened it's scope to cover substance abuse in general and became the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

In 1992, CADA hired its first professional full time staff. Shortly after that, based on an assessment at that time, it was decided CADA's objective would be to raise the required funds to develop programmes for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. Out of that decision, the Council Partners was born to raise funds for the charitable treatment and prevention agencies thus allowing the charitable agencies to deliver programmes and services in the community without having the challenge of fund raising in the midst of service delivery. 

CADA was then charged with delivering the first Prevention Resource Centre (PRC) for Bermuda, the first of its kind in fact, in the world. The PRC was a clearinghouse of information on substance abuse and a lending library for the community. It was set up similar to a museum and provided tours on many substance abuse topics with the capability of moving the display items and coordinating the presentations to meet the needs of the community. The PRC would also take presentations into the schools to support the curriculum delivered by the teachers and to the PTA's, churches and the community at large.

In order to meet the challenge of providing a PRC, CADA relocated into the Stables Building on Reid Street, together with two other partners in prevention, PRIDE and The Family Learning Centre (TFLC). Funded by both the National Drug Commission (NDC) and the Council Partners Charitable Trust (CPCT), the PRC opened in September 1999. Around this time, CADA changed it's name slightly to more accuratley reflect the services it provided, it became the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. Through its programmes, the PRC served over 10,000 persons in the community. When the CPCT closed, funding for CADA's programs became more limited with CADA looking to the NDC and to corporate and private donations to continue it's programs.  

In 2006, CADA moved to it's current location in Melbourne House on Parliament Street, City of Hamilton.

In April 2009 CADA rebranded, and as part of this rebranding process changed it's name, and became known as CADA - Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Behaviour.

CADA has seven board members who guide and shape the direction of the organisation. The board members are: 

  • Anthony Santucci - Chairman
  • Kim White - Treasurer
  • Lillian Veri
  • Sergeant Scott Devine
  • Craig Smith
  • Brenda-June Millett
  • Ed Correia

CADA has one full-time staff member, Executive Director Mrs. Gillian Freelove-Jones.

CADA's goals are to:

  • Reduce the incidence of drinking and driving
  • Reduce the incidence of underage drinking
  • Increase the life skills capacity of Bermuda's youth
  • Increase the community's awareness of responsible alcohol behavior
  • Successfully lobby for a new alcohol authority in Bermuda to oversee selling, serving and advertising of alcohol and to provide training for licensed establishments
  • Successfully lobby for changes to Bermuda's Liquor License Act and Road Traffic Act


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